DMARC Digests - Marketing

DMARC Digests - Marketing

As part of the DMARC Digests project, I also worked on the branding for the new product.

DMARC can be an overwhelming topic for those that are less technical, so I wanted the logo to convey that the product is simple and intuitive to use. I decided to go with all lower case letters and a soft typeface to make it more approachable.

A versatile logo for DMARC Digests set in Proxima Soft.
The DMARC Digests logo on a dark background.

The ident subtly mirrors the products function, with descending horizontal lines combined with a central "V" forming a filter shape to signify how the product takes raw DMARC reports and distills them into simple, useful information. The complete ident resembles the familiar mail shape, a nod to both the purpose of DMARC and the weekly email reports the free version of the tool is currently known for.

An app icon and color palette for DMARC Digests.

We decided to create a single-page marketing site to support the initial launch of DMARC Digests, positioning the product as a tool to protect brands from email scammers rather than a technical service for collecting DMARC reports.