After finishing HTML5 Foundations I was asked if I’d like to start writing for the Treehouse blog. Naturally I jumped at the opportunity and started formulating ideas for blog posts. That was November 2012.

Over the past year (and a bit) I’ve written more than fifty posts for the Treehouse blog so I thought I’d post a list with some of my favourites. Not all of these have done well by traditional metrics, but I really enjoyed writing them.

  1. Speeding Up Page Load Times

  2. Using Web Workers to Speed-Up Your JavaScript Applications

  3. Implementing Native Drag and Drop

  4. Working with Shadow DOM

  5. Getting Started with Grunt

  6. Building a Synthesizer with the Web Audio API

  7. An Introduction to WebSockets

  8. An Introduction to The Page Visibility API

  9. Building Multi-Touch Web Applications

  10. Using Emmet to Speed Up Front-End Web Development

I look forward to writing the next fifty :)

Matt West