My first project after joining No Divide was to lead development on the new Charity Bank website. No Divide had been commissioned to redesign the website to fit in with the organisations new branding.

Charity Bank is an ethical bank that provides loans to charitable organisations in the U.K.

Charity Bank Home Page
The Charity Bank home page.

The design work for the website was completed by Dan Edwards leaving me to code up Dan’s designs and integrate the various templates with Craft.

The most enjoyable part of the project came when building the impact page. This page incorporates an number of different data visualisations and animations that made for a challenging build.

Charity Bank Impact Page
The Charity Bank impact page.

The project went well and launched to great feedback from our peers in the industry. More importantly, site traffic and lead volume has continued to trend above previous levels since the launch.

No Divide has continued to work with Charity Bank and I recently developed a landing page for their #CharityIs campaign.

Matt West