In 2012 I responded to an advert looking for authors to work on a new book series being planned by John Wiley & Sons in partnership with Treehouse. I wasn’t much of a writer at the time but was eager for a new challenge. I applied and what came next was one of the most intense, challenging and ultimately rewarding periods of my life up until that point.

HTML5 Foundations Book

My goal was to write the book that I wish I’d had when getting started in the web industry. Something approachable on the surface but that developed the core skills needed to become a great front-end developer.

After six months of intense writing, numerous rounds of editing, and too many late nights the book was finished.

HTML5 Foundations was published in November 2012, followed by a Chinese translation in 2013. The book has since gone on to earn an average rating of 4.4 stars on Amazon.

HTML5 Foundations Pages
Layout and styling was handled by the fantastic team at Wiley.

This project opened my eyes to just how much work goes into producing a book. There may be one name listed on the cover but writing is very much a team sport. I cannot thank the team at Wiley enough for their had work and patience.

After the release of HTML5 Foundations I started writing for the Treehouse blog. Over a period of a year I wrote a series of more than sixty articles covering almost all aspects of HTML5.

Matt West