The Photographic Museum of Humanity (PHmuseum) website is a social network and curated community of photographers. It’s a place where photographers can connect with publishers to sell their work to some of the biggest names in the industry.

PHmuseum Offer Page
The screen for making an offer on a story.

Shortly after completing the Charity Bank project I joined the team at No Divide that was working on building the new
PHmuseum site. The project was vast. As well as developing a marketing site, blog and a system for managing photographer’s stories we were also implementing a social news feed, direct messaging app and a system for handling offers that allowed publishers to buy photos through the platform. Phew!

I focussed on building out four key areas:

  • The direct messaging app
  • The platform for managing offers
  • The marketing site
  • An admin system for managing the platform

We had opted to use the fledging JavaScript framework VueJS to build the front-end of the site. It was my first encounter with Vue but I quickly picked it up and developed a single page app for direct messaging.

PHmuseum Direct Message Inbox
Direct messaging inbox.

It was particularly tricky to make the app work on mobile as the inbox layout didn’t adapt well to smaller screen sizes. To solve this problem I developed a multi-pane view that stacked the various UI elements. This allows the user to view the conversation list and messaging window separately on mobile to make better use of the available screen space.

The new site launched in December 2015 and No Divide continues to work on implementing new features.

PHmuseum Grant Page
PHmuseum Grant 2016.

In early 2016, PHmuseum launched a grant judged by representatives from the New York Times and Royal Academy of Art. I developed the application for making submissions to the grant and an admin system for managing those submissions. The first grant on the new system was a great success and PHmuseum plans to run many more in the future.

Matt West