Your Big Pitch is a company I founded along with executive coach, Gary Lunt. Together we produced a web application that guided users through a structured evaluation of their business ideas.

Your Big Pitch Dashboard
Your Big Pitch ideas dashboard.

The goal of Your Big Pitch was to help people identify key insights and potential roadblocks so that they could make a more informed decision on whether to progress with an idea.

I designed and built a web application powered by Ruby on Rails that delivered the process as well as some enhancements such as PDF reports containing all of the work done while evaluating the idea.

Your Big Pitch Process
GRASP evaluation process.

The product launched with a monthly subscription model in late 2014. After gathering feedback from early users we continued to iterate and improve the effectiveness of the product.

I decided to part ways with the company in April 2015 in order to pursue an opportunity at No Divide. The product has since been taken over by Customer Attuned.

Matt West