Treehouse escape

As a kid I loved to go out in rain storms. I found them calming. The sound of raindrops ripping through trees and bouncing off the ground. The feeling of hundreds of tiny traveller from the sky, existing for a few brief moments before being assimilated into its destination. The feeling of being soaked through and cold. So cold. That particular experience of cold that makes you yearn for the joy of warmth. Oh and the smell. The fresh scent of rain. Sitting in a treehouse cupping a hot mug of tea and watching the rain, I was transported back to those moments of my childhood.

In between jobs, we decided to book a few days away to help me switch off and found an amazing treehouse just outside Stockbridge, Hampshire. No WiFi. No TV. Perfect for escaping from the world for a while.

We arrived just as Storm Ciarán hit. Rain pelted the roof day and night. Anxieties about whether the track we’d taken to get here would be washed out were quickly replaced by a quiet optimism that perhaps fate would allow us to enjoy this break a little longer than we’d planned.

With no work and no internet, the pace of life slowed. My mind could breathe. All the stresses of the past year and a half melted away. I let go.

We passed time watching the rain and playing board games. I taught my daughter how to play checkers. Many rounds of Uno were dealt. Some kittens exploded.

Once the storm finally broke we enjoyed a day of calm blue skies. Roaming the countryside I was reminded how lucky I am to have experiences like this. To be able to share them with my family. So much of my time is spent within the world behind a computer screen, but life is lived beyond it.

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