Treehouse recently released their brand new iPad app into the world. I’ve been using it for a few days and I have to say, it’s totally changed the learning experience.

I can now sit back and watch the videos on my TV (via AirPlay) rather than being hunched over a laptop. It feels a lot more relaxed and makes learning even more enjoyable. It almost feels like you are playing a video game. I can image how people might invite their friends over to take the classes with them (Treehouse party anyone?).

You can complete the course quizzes and code challenges directly in the app too which is great. Although, the iPad’s keyboard does make it a bit difficult to complete some of the code challenges. That said, the guys at Treehouse have added some custom buttons for characters that are commonly used in programming which helps a lot.

Overall it’s a really fantastic app. Kudos to Marshall Huss (@mwhuss), Griffin Moore (@okgriffin) and the team at Treehouse for putting this together.

This is the future of education.

You can download the app here.

Matt West