Joining Wildbit

Folks that are following along on Twitter might have noticed that I left No Divide a few weeks ago. Ryan and Dan were an absolute pleasure to work with, they’ve helped me grow both personally and professionally over the past 18 months and I’m extremely grateful for all their support. 

Back in my freelancing days, I handled design and development for most of the projects I worked on. A lot of my clients were small businesses with small budgets so it just made sense for me to do everything. Despite this, I always considered myself more of a developer than a designer. When I took a job at No Divide where I would only be doing development work I didn’t think that I would miss the design stuff. I was wrong.

Over the past year I’ve come to realise that my true passion lies in design. I love the journey of conceiving a fragile idea and shaping it into a final product.

Much like a carpenter needs her tools to create a beautiful piece of furniture, development is simply the tool I need to create software. While a carpenter might get excited about a new hammer or chisel, it’s not what she lives for. I feel the same about code. I enjoy experimenting with new web technologies but it’s not what get’s me out of bed in the morning. I live to design things that help people.

It was time to switch my focus, but I knew this decision would bring an end to my time at No Divide.

I’m a bit picky when it comes to choosing a place to work. If I’m going to spend a significant amount of time working somewhere, I want to be sure that I’m surrounded by like-minded people who care about their work as much as I do. 

Rather than trawling job boards I decided to make a list of companies who have values that align with mine. There were a few other requirements too, like the ability to work remotely and an openness to flexible working hours.

I ended up with a short list of just five companies. Three of them were hiring.

I wasn’t in a hurry to leave No Divide so I took my time with the applications and then patiently waited for any responses.

After interviewing with Wildbit I knew straight away that this was the company for me. It was clear that they truly live their values, and the role would allow me to switch my focus to design. After a couple of interviews and a small test project I got an offer. I accepted.

Last Monday I started at Wildbit as a designer on the marketing team. I’ll be focussing on raising awareness of Wildbit and their suite of products, PostmarkDeployBot and Beanstalk. I’m only a week in but things are going great so far. I’m hopefull that this is the start of an exciting new chapter.

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