Postmark Plans & Add-ons

A simpler pricing calculator and introducing opportunities to up-sell additional services.

While working with the Postmark product team I was tasked with redesigning the Plans page to introduce add-ons alongside the existing monthly plans. Add-ons would allow the team to experiment with new features and services that compliment the core product.

I started by asking some questions to define the scope of the project and set expectations. I worked with sales and marketing to understand the purpose of the project, why the time was right to tackle the project, and how it linked back to a wider product goals for the year.

Pen & paper are still my favourite tools for quickly experimenting with ideas. Once I had a clear vision for the project I sketched out some rough ideas for the interface changes we’d need to make to the existing Plans page in the app.

With the visual direction set, I moved to Sketch to design a range of components that would allow the team to experiment with different types of add-ons.

Next I combined these components and shaped out the page layout. I collected feedback from the team in Abstract and used this to inform future iterations of the design.

After a few rounds of feedback we had a final design. I built out the frontend using React and TypeScript, then handed the project over to a developer to integrate it with the Rails application.